Dust Diseases Tribunal

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NSW Dust Diseases Tribunal

Some useful sources of information or assistance.


  • Australasian Legal Information Institute
    A database of legal information provided jointly by the UTS and UNSW faculties of law.
  • Australian & New Zealand Occupational Medicine (ANZSOM) 
    Assistance for health professionals working in the occupational medicine field. Supported by the Workers' Compensation Dust Diseases Board of NSW.
  • Australian Lung Foundation
    Fundraising, advocacy, education and support for thoracic medical research and patients.
  • Australian Safety & Compensation Council
    Federal agency with responsibility for improving health and safety, and compensation arrangements.
  • Dust Diseases Board
    Compensation (not damages) claims for NSW workers who have developed a dust disease from occupational exposure.
  • LawAccess
    Free NSW Government phone service that provides legal information, referrals and advice.
  • Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC)
    Service by the State Library of NSW to provides access to information about the law.
  • Office of the Information Commissioner NSW
    NSW body responsible for providing public access to government information.
  • Thoracic Society of Australia & New Zealand
    Research company aiming to improve the knowledge and care of lung disease patients.
  • Uniform Civil Procedure Rules
    NSW Government rules and procedures for all civil proceedings, including the Dust Disease Tribunal.
  • WorkCover NSW
    NSW Government body responsible for providing rules and guidelines on safe practice in workplaces.