Dust Diseases Tribunal

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DX address


Postal address 

Locked Bag 16



Tribunal Registry Telephone

(02) 9377 5440   

For the hearing impaired

National Relay Service (NRS): Speak & Listen 1300 555 727

The NRS is an Australian Government initiative that uses relay officers as the central link in every phone call, relaying exactly what is said or typed. It provides eight different relay options depending on the NRS user's needs and abilities. It is not restricted to text alone and is more flexible than dedicated TTY-to-TTY calls because at least one party to the call can use an ordinary phone.        

SMS relay 0423 677 767


Judicial Officer Contact details


Urgent Bedside. Directions list consent matters.

Refer to Practice and Procedure web page

ddt.listjudge@justice.nsw.gov.au (Please refer to the Advices for guidance)


Registry Facsimile number

Fax: (02) 9377 5434

PLEASE NOTE: The Court does not accept the filing of documents by facsimile apart from Advice to Practitioners No. 2 of 2013


Tribunal Registry Street Address         

Level 12, John Maddison Tower           

88 Goulburn Street



Travel directions

NSW Dust Diseases Tribunal

By train

There are three train stations within walking distance to the Dust Diseases Tribunal: Museum on the corner of Elizabeth and Oxford streets is the nearest stop with Town Hall and Central approximately 10 minutes walk away.

City Rail services & timetable

By bus

Sydney buses information & timetable

By car

A car park is situated directly opposite the court buildings, with others within walking distance. The entry to the nearest car park is in Goulburn Street close to the corner of Elizabeth Street.

Registry hours

The Registry opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9.00AM to 4.00PM.


Ambulant facilities

Access to facilities for the gravely ill can be directed to the Tribunal Registry on (02) 9377 5440.