Dust Diseases Tribunal

Welcome to the website of the NSW Dust Diseases Tribunal

Dust Diseases Tribunal homepage 2Established in 1989, the Tribunal is a legal court that hears claims for damages from sufferers of dust-related diseases, including those linked to asbestos exposure, and from dependants of sufferers who have died.

Since claimants are often in the advanced stages of an illness, the special purpose of the Tribunal is to serve the interests of justice by expediting their claims without undue delay.


Asbestos Related claims

The Dust Diseases Tribunal Regulation 2013 (the ’Regulation’) applies the Asbestos Claims Resolution Process (CRP) to all asbestos-related claims for damage.

Other Dust-Related claims

Damages claims for non-asbestos related dust diseases are case-managed by a Judge through the use of directions hearings.

Facilities and Support

The Tribunal provides facilities and support both inside and outside the court room for plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses and other visitors.

Dust Diseases Board

The Workers Compensation Dust Diseases Authority is different from the Dust Diseases Tribunal of NSW.

​Contributions Assessment

Ongoing call for expression of interest - Contributions Assessor



A list of relevant laws and rules that apply to the Dust Diseases Tribunal.